Kiki Owens

Spring 2022

Level: Senior

Founder/President of Arizona State University Figure Skating Team

Senior Coach at Ice Den Chander, Chandler, AZ

Q: What age did you start skating and how old are you now?

A: I started Skating at the age of six and I am twenty years old.

Q: Why did you decide to start skating/what made you interested in skating?

A: Our neighbor’s daughter skated and talked to my mom about having me try skating. My mom took me to a public skate and I fell in love right away. My favorite part about learning how to skate was experiencing complete freedom on the ice. The ability to glide across such pristine ice was so momentous for me and sparked my passion for skating.

Q: How does skating help you in your daily life?

A: Skating taught me how to have a strong work ethic, drive, and how to be successful. This has helped me immensely as I compete collegiate and for future career goals of mine. It has also helped me able to manage my time well with coaching, school, and life in general.

Q: How has figure skating contributed to your overall physical and mental health?

A: Figure skating has helped me to be a strong individual mentally/physically and taught me to never give up. It has taught me to have an appreciate of myself and push my body to lengths I never imagined possible.

Q: What is/are you favorite element(s) in skating?

A: My favorite elements in skating are flying sit spin, footwork, back beillmann, and double loop.

Q: What are your favorite career highlights?

A: My figure skating career highlights are US Figure Skating Triple Gold Medalist in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, and Solo Free Dance, President/Founder of the Competitive Figure Skating Team at Arizona State University, Stars on Ice, City Scape Holiday appearance, Regional competitor, Nationals Solo Ice Dance, Champion of Intermediate Combined Free Skate: Sun Valley Championships, Received the Graduating Seniors Gold Level Award from The U.S Figure Skating Association, and Received the Fitzgerald Technical Excellence Award (Most Technically Outstanding Singles Free Skate Performance at Juvenile-Senior Levels).