Ellie Karlin

Spring 2024

Ice Denetts Synchronized Skating Team member (Sectional/National level)

Home rink: Ice Den Chandler, AZ

Q:  What age did you start skating and how old are you now? 

A:   I started skating when I around 3, and I am now 16.

Q:  Why did you start skating? What made you interested in skating?

A:   I told my parents that I wanted to play hockey, so they signed me up for learn to skate classes. I decided to switch over to figure skating fairly quickly. 

Q: What do you like most about skating? 

A:  What I like most about skating is the people I have met. I have created so many amazing relationships with my friends and coaches. 

Q: How does skating help you in your daily life? 

A: Skating helps me in my daily life because it has created lots of perseverance for me. I feel like skating has also helped with overall anxiety and fear in my life because I had to overcome all of that in order to compete and skate in front of people. 

Q: How has figure skating contributed to your overall physical and mental health? 

A: Skating has positively affected my physical and mental health. I tend to worry less about my problems in school or anything in my life when I am skating. 

Q: What is/are your favorite element(s) in skating? 

A: My favorite element in skating is spinning. 

Q: Any figure skating career highlights? 

A: I have competed in solo dance nationals, synchro nationals, won bronze at synchro sectionals, and I am currently testing my senior moves in the field.